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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Making Smart Insurance Decisions

As an insurance agency, we like to provide our clients with useful information regarding their insurance policies.

The more you as a policyholder know about the coverage provided by your Louisiana Commercial Auto Insurance policy, the better you or your drivers will be at avoiding situations for which your vehicles are not covered.

After all, the worst possible time to learn that you aren’t covered for a given type of damage is after the damage has occurred!

To illustrate this point, we are going to spend the next several articles describing a fictional scenario about a long-haul truck driver.

The goal of this scenario will be to show you the benefits of reading and understanding your insurance policy thoroughly.

So, without further ado, let’s begin our story.

Insurance Coverage Scenario – Part 1

Hal Dingledorfer is a truck driver. He is a self-employed owner-operator with a few years of truck driving experience.

Hal drives freight under the company name Dingledorfer Delivery and Transport, LLC.

Recently, Hal switched his insurance coverage to a new company to save money. He also changed the level of his coverage.

Before, Hal had Comprehensive coverage on his truck, which is a type of policy that provides coverage for a much broader array of potential claims.

Now, Hal has switched to Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage , also called CAC. This type of policy only provides coverage for a short list of specific types of damage. Naturally, this means that there are some things covered by comprehensive coverage that are not covered by Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage.

Hal did not really take the time to look over the details and differences between his old and new policies. He’s a busy man and has a lot of driving to do.

Next week, we’ll return to Hal Dingledorfer’s story in Part 2.

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