Louisiana Gas Station Insurance

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Louisiana Gas Station Insurance

Gas Station Insurance in Louisiana and the surrounding areas can be hard to find, but the agents at Jeff Davis Insurance have you covered. 

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Insurance for Gas Stations Louisiana – Insurance Scenario Part 10

In last week’s episode, we stepped away from our old friend Pete and instead took a look at the owner of Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store, Rob Hayes.

Rob Hayes’ corner store is the gas station that was robbed while Pete was on the premises.

Last week we explained that the crooks stole $3,500 from the Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store cash register but, because Rob had purchased a strong Crime Endorsement for his Louisiana Business Insurance Policy, his insurance company reimbursed him for the stolen cash.

So, Rob’s crime endorsement clearly provides excellent protection for burglary and/or armed robbery. But what about something like Employee Theft and Embezzlement?

As far as your crime endorsement is concerned, is there an appreciable difference between having $20,000 stolen from your gas station register at gunpoint and having $20,000 stolen from your gas station slowly over the course of a long period of time by one of your employees?

To answer that question, let’s look at another insurance scenario:

Four years before the recent robbery at Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store, Rob Hayes hired a young guy named Chad to run the register on weeknights.

Chad had just completed his first two years of college. He hadn’t budgeted his finances well, so he took some time off from school to work a steady job. His plan was to save up some money and return to school the following year. Four years later, Chad hadn’t returned to school and was still working at Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store.

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